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  • Posted on février 19, 2016 at 18:33

Mad Max Cars of Wasteland Weekend – The Monster Monte Carlo | Roads & Rides
Mad Max and a monstrous Chevrolet Monte Carlo come together at Wasteland Weekend in Ron Griffith’s insane custom Monstr Carlo car.

Girls, grills and guns! Meet Wasteland Weekend master Ron Griffith and his Monster Carlo machine take us on a drive through the barren desert on Twenty-Mule-Team Road.

At first glance, Ron Griffith is just your average guy. He owns an automotive repair shop in California City deep within the Mojave desert. On a normal day, he can be found under the hood of Vegas-bound tourist’s car that didn’t quite make it through the desert heat. But Ron and his pals have a hidden passion that you’d never suspect. It’s a movie that premiered in 1979 starring an up-and-coming actor named Mel Gibson. A movie about a post-apocalyptic world full of gas-stealing, treacherous land pirates known as wastelanders. They LOVE Mad Max.

They love Mad Max so much that they have created a yearly festival in the Mojave called the Wasteland Weekend. Tribes build their custom Wasteland cars well in advance to storm through the gates, raid other tribes and there is even a contest to see who has the best car of the year. Ron Griffith and the Monstr Carlo are previous winners of that coveted prize.

It’s a stock Chevy 350 with a stock automatic transmission. « The car still uses points, » says Ron. Points work and when you are scavenging through the wasteland you want to keep things easy to maintain. Besides making sure the car runs, Ron has also outfitted the car with offensive and defensive equipment that is both practical and menacing for this wasteland world.

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