J’aime sur YouTube: How The Homeless are Treated in Canada VS. America (Social Experiment)

  • Posted on février 21, 2016 at 13:45

How The Homeless are Treated in Canada VS. America (Social Experiment)
We conducted a Social experiment to see how Canadians and Americans react to the homeless. This experiment was shot in the cold for 30 minutes. We were surprised by how different the responses were.

Its Christmas and Holiday Season, lets make some change! Lets start by sharing this video with your friends and family to help us spread a positive message.

p.s This video is not about « vs ». This is about opening your eyes to all the injustice and poverty around us, and questioning why as humans are we still going through issues such as homelessness, racism, sexism and so much more. Don’t make social controls hold us back from acting as one unity, Fight the for unity.

City: Toronto Downtown ON and Buffalo Downtown NY- Busy Streets only difference was the angle ( We had to adjust our shots cuz of permissions we had (hide) in places to shoot). We counted how many people passed by and they were nearly the same amount in those 30 minutes. (+8 for Toronto) and we actually spent 45 minutes in NY to shoot so we can get least one penny shot to show some generosity. But then my legs were giving up and blood was slowing down I couldn’t take it So we had to call it off.

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Shot and Edited by Gagan:

Jetinder (2nd Camera person)
via YouTube http://youtu.be/pJsiAz9qCmM

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